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Watch where a vehicle travelled from its first ignition on, to last ignition off.  Breadcrumbs overlays a vehicle’s exact journey taken onto digital mapping, allowing the easy monitoring of driver progress, proof of service for contract compliance and improvement of route efficiencies.  Overlay multiple routes from different drivers at the same time to perform route comparison.


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The  Vehicle Activity Status Dashboard is a valuable realtime tool that shows a variety of information regarding your fleet including Working Time, Operating Time, Moving Time, Idling Time, Stopped Time and Number of Journeys.  You can even rewind the clock and view any of this information for any day in the past.

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Efficient transport operations require effective resource management. Improve fleet efficiency by monitoring and preventing out of hours and unauthorised use of vehicles.  intellimatics provides comprehensive Out of Hours reporting & alerts to track when assets are being used without authorisation.


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Maintaining fleet and asset security can be a difficult job. An adjunct to out of hours analysis is Security & Theft Alerting that keeps a watchful eye on your vehicles.  Be alerted when vehicles move out of hours, or even if a piece of equipment is being towed without its ignition on.


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The  Web App enhances the visibility of vehicles and assets and can help save on operational costs via the Nearest Worker To feature.  Enter a location and the nearest workers to that place will be automatically shown on the Live Map. Use to schedule ad-hoc work to the nearest worker, saving on fuel, travel and providing increased customer service.