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The checkerboard is¬† a feature unique to SDS Technology’s Mobile Platform.

The Live Checkerboard provides a worker-job oriented overview of your mobile operations. Managers can create powerful filters to display¬†asset’s they are interested in, these assets can then be filtered to such information such as assets in use, stopped assets and asset status.

The Live Checkerboard is a highly configurable tool allowing for searching, filtering, ordering and colour coding. The Live Checkerboard can be made full screen – making it perfect for viewing on large screens and wallboards.


The Live Checkerboard is made up of two main sections: the Checkerboard Toolbar, and the Checkerboard Results. The toolbar allows the user to customise the Checkerboard to show only the results they are interested in. The Checkerboard displays a ‘Card’ for each asset, these ‘Cards’ are preloaded with all the live asset information that the user has defined.