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The Live Map overlays your assets’ current locations onto the very latest digital Google Mapping. Valuable visibility of your workforce is provided through Live Maps and you can filter and sort the map to monitor a subset of your assets. The Live Map provides a number of additional tools such as satellite imagery, search for places and street view for workers. Vehicles are colour coded by such statuses as Ignition On, Ignition Off, Idling, Speeding or Moving.

The ability to monitor your drivers’ behaviour and be alerted when any unexpected events occur is critical to running a safe and efficient fleet. SDS’s tracking alerts notify you in real time when exceptional driving behaviour like speeding, excessive idling & entry into ‘keep-out’ zones occurs. These alerts can be emailed, sent via SMS or voice call to you and back office staff immediately, as well as being saved in the trackingsystem for later reporting.
Understanding your drivers’ actual behaviour and characteristics is key in promoting the safe and economical running of a fleet.  In addition to relaying position, speed, heading and status, the intellimatics Web App can expose the behaviour of your fleet through reports, charts and guages.  Harsh braking, cornering and acceleration can be configured out of the box and our advanced CANBus add-ons can report live fuel levels, seat belt statuses, EMS codes, errors and more.

Operational Visibility

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The Live Checkerboard provides a vehicle & asset oriented overview of your mobile operations. Managers can create powerful filters to show workers they are interested in, filtering by drivers and operators who are excessively idling, speeding, stationary and more.

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SDS’s tracking system is fully integrated with Google’s 3D street level data.  From the Live Map you are one click away from seeing a 360° view of what your asset sees.  You can also drag our ‘pegman’ control to view any Street View point worldwide – useful when needing to give directions or information to drivers.