SafeGuard is an innovative Lone Worker solution designed to help, support and assist lone and vulnerable workers. Available as an end-to-end solution, SafeGuard supports Smartphones via the App for Android, IPhone or Blackberry and dedicated lone worker devices. Management and response tools are provided through the companion SafeGuard App, empowering managers and workers with a comprehensive set of safety and performance related features.


Lone Working is one of the major issues affecting businesses in today’s modern and mobile connected world. Organisations of all shapes and sizes are required to ensure that the safety of workers is safeguarded. The awareness and understanding of Lone & Vulnerable Worker Safety and Security is accelerating and responsible employers are understanding the importance of Lone Worker strategies in their business and the need to provide peace of mind and comfort to their employees.


SafeGuard is designed to enhance a user’s safety and visibility through existing Smartphones or dedicated devices. It is specifically tailored towards Lone Workers, requiring assistance and locating in the event of an emergency. If a user encounters a situation in which they feel their safety is about to be compromised they can raise a ‘Red Alert‘ – either on screen or via a dedicated button on their device. SafeGuard makes a voice call to a nominated responder utilising GPS, sends the user’s current location to the SafeGuard Web App


  • RED ALERTS – respond when a user is in danger
  • AMBER ALERTS – leave a contextual message before starting work in a risky area
  • COUTDOWN TIMER – hands free alerting
  • MAN DOWN – detect falls, trips and slips through non motion detection
  • RULES & ALERTS – define simple rules that alerts if broken.


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