WorkforceIQ is a Job Scheduling system that replaces expensive and inefficient paper based processes with digital solutions. Designed for Field Service Management, mobile workers are equipped with digital replacements for paper based forms via existing Smartphones. Organisations subsequently benefit from instant 2-way communication of data; improved data collection accuracy and opportunities to capture more information in form of photos, video, audio and digital signatures.


Workflows drive the data collected for each job carried out by a mobile worker.  You prescribe what steps a user needs to carry out in completing a job, and what data fields need completing.  workforceIQ’s Workflow Designer is incredibly simple to use. You can add steps in seconds and add different fields to steps that workers complete.  When you’re happy with your Workflow, create and dispatch jobs based off it.


Going Paperless with workforceIQ increases the type and quality of data you can collect as part of your Job Workflows.  Add Checkboxes, Text Fields, Pick Lists, Dates, Times, Signatures, Photos and more to your workflows that users complete during the course of a job.  This data is transparently sent from the workforceIQ Smartphone App to the Web App where you can view it, report on it, and generate Job Sheets for customers.


Anyone can take on the role of Dispatcher with workforceIQ’s simple Dispatch and Scheduling tool.  Simply schedule jobs by dragging them onto a worker’s calendar.  Move jobs to other workers if schedules change.  When you’re happy with a schedule you can commit the jobs by dispatching them to worker’s Smartphones.  And jobs can even be allocated to workers directly from the Live Map for those times when you need to find the Nearest Worker to a particular job.

The workforceIQ Smartphone App integrates with your Smartphones’ navigation features.  Workers can tap the Navigate button direct from the Job screen in the App and their Smartphone navigation will automatically plot a route.              *requires Google Services



Jobs are wirelessly and instantly available on the assigned worker’s smartphone via the workforceIQ App.  No more phone calls rescheduling work.  And workforceIQ gives back office staff full visibility of the Job lifecycle via the Web App.  See when users have received the job on their phone, be notified when they start or reject it; workforceIQ will even deliver a completed Job Sheet direct to your inbox when complete.


The Live Map overlays your mobile worker teams’ current locations alongside job locations onto the very latest digital Google Mapping.  Valuable visibility of your workforce is provided through Live Maps and you can filter and sort the map to monitor an individual, a group or all of your workers.  The Live Map provides a number of additional tools such as satellite imagery, street view for workers (‘see what they see’) and the realtime colour coding of jobs, updating as changes are received.

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